An overview of my teaching experience

Software training

  1. SATSOFT training

    Two-day online software training.

  2. GRASP training

    One-day software training at customer’s premises (Germany).

Lecturing in courses

  1. Optics and Photonics (B.Sc.)
    [2014, 2015]

    Guest lecture (2014, 2015) on light propagation in periodic structures.

Teaching assistant in courses

  1. Nanophotonics (M.Sc.)

    Problem solving sessions on laser physics.

  2. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (B.Sc.)

    Problem solving sessions on introductory thermodynamics and statistical physics, including thermodynamic laws, entropy, temperature, partition functions, ideal gas processes and heat engines.

  3. Advanced Engineering Mathematics 1 (B.Sc.)

    Problem solving sessions on linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, Taylor series and vector calculus.

  4. Partial Differential Equations – Applied Mathematics (B.Sc./M.Sc.)

    Problem solving sessions and homework grading on solving partial differential equations using separation of variables, Fourier series and Fourier transforms and Green’s functions.

  5. Introductory Programming with Matlab (B.Sc.)

    Programming sessions and homework grading on the basics of Matlab syntax and programming.

  6. Introduction to Numerical Algorithms (B.Sc.)

    Programming sessions and homework grading on introductory numerical algorithms with Matlab for approximating derivatives and integrals using finite differences, for solving systems of differential equations and for solving nonlinear equations.

Student project supervision

  1. Optical Properties of Photonic Crystal Microcavities and Waveguides (M.Sc. thesis)

    Project on development of numerical modeling tools for analysis and design of photonic crystal cavity-waveguide structures.

  2. Semiconductor Quantum Dots (B.Sc.)
    [2012, 2014]

    Project on solving the Schrödinger equation for electron and hole energies and wave functions in rotationally symmetric quantum dots using COMSOL.

  3. Programmable Nanolithography (B.Sc.)

    Project on Green’s function techniques to model localized surface plasmons on nanoparticles and on the feasibility of using these in nanolithography.

  4. Optical Simulations of Structured Materials (M.Sc.)

    Project on development of modeling tools for light propagation in structured materials.

I have also been a personal tutor for both university and high school students.

“To teach is to learn twice”
— Joseph Joubert

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”
— Albert Einstein

“I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something”
— Richard P. Feynman


“If there were nomination for TA of the year, I would definitely vote for Jakob”
— Student in Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

“I quickly chose my favorite TA and directed most of my questions to Jakob. He was good help, straight to the point and not too theoretical for us engineering students”
— Student in Partial Differential Equations – Applied Mathematics

“Good at helping and putting things in perspective”
— Student in Introductory Programming with Matlab

“Technically skilled and helpful TA. Recommended!”
— Student in Introduction to Numerical Algorithms

“A really competent TA with good understanding of the entire syllabus”
— Student in Advanced Engineering Mathematics 1