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Are the Mythical Ph.D. Years More Difficult than Other Years of Work?

February 10, 2019

When talking to and reading about those in the middle of doing a Ph.D., one sometimes gets the impression that those Ph.D. years are mythical. You are on your own, need to solve a problem that nobody ever looked at, and the deadline clock is constantly ticking.

But are the years of doing a Ph.D. more difficult, demanding, stressful and challenging than other years of work? Continue reading…

Staying in Touch With Academia After Leaving it

September 30, 2018

At some point, maybe straight after finishing your Ph.D. project or at a later point, you may decide to leave academia and look for a job elsewhere. You may find a job on a similar topic as your academic research, or you may end up working on a completely different one. In any case, you will start in a new organization, meet new colleagues and get new collaborators. This, however, does not mean that you need to cut all ties to academia. Continue reading…

Publishing after Leaving Academia: How Long to Continue?

April 11, 2017

When you near the end of your PhD or postdoc project, you aim at wrapping up all projects and results, so that you get the last results and manuscripts submitted. And you likely do not manage to finish everything, and interesting work and results therefore remain unpublished. So what do you do? Continue reading…

Leaving Academia after the PhD: One Year After

February 19, 2017

As I entered into the last six months of my PhD project, I started looking more seriously and concretely for my next position. I had, almost since the beginning of my project, kept an eye out for interesting research groups and companies as I came across them, but at this point I started looking more specifically at open positions.

But there was still one big decision I hadn’t made: Stay in academia or leave for the industry? Continue reading…