The End-of-Year Review and Goals for the Coming Year

January 3, 2018

The time around New Year’s is the perfect moment for reviewing the past year to remind oneself of tasks, projects, results and achievements. Once the review has been written, it can be used, together with one’s personal ambitions, to formulate goals for the coming year. Continue reading…

Six Essential Habits for Your Ph.D. Project

September 3, 2017

Completing a Ph.D. project successfully depends on a number of factors, such as working on an interesting and well-posed problem and together with skilled people from whom you can learn the trait of becoming and being a researcher. It also, however, depends on you and your ability to develop the right habits during the project.

In this post, I share the essential habits that I formed and developed during my own Ph.D. project – several of which I’m still relying on and holding on to in my post-Ph.D. career. Continue reading…

Publishing after Leaving Academia: How Long to Continue?

April 11, 2017

When you near the end of your PhD or postdoc project, you aim at wrapping up all projects and results, so that you get the last results and manuscripts submitted. And you likely do not manage to finish everything, and interesting work and results therefore remain unpublished. So what do you do? Continue reading…

Leaving Academia after the PhD: One Year After

February 19, 2017

As I entered into the last six months of my PhD project, I started looking more seriously and concretely for my next position. I had, almost since the beginning of my project, kept an eye out for interesting research groups and companies as I came across them, but at this point I started looking more specifically at open positions.

But there was still one big decision I hadn’t made: Stay in academia or leave for the industry? Continue reading…

Writing the Ph.D. Thesis – Part 1: Preparing

February 21, 2016

The Ph.D. thesis is “La Grande Finale” of a big research project and an ideal place for passing on knowledge, insight, and ideas to other researchers and future Ph.D. students. At the same time, writing the thesis can seem like a daunting task, akin to climbing a mountain. Continue reading…

Writing the Ph.D. Thesis: Remember to Read, too

October 10, 2015

An important part of writing the Ph.D. thesis (or any other long document) is to actually write and avoid stalling in fear of the writing not being perfect. The text will never be perfect, especially not the first time writing it, and is better approached iteratively in a “write, correct, write, correct, write, correct,…” sequence. Continue reading…

Communicate Your Research Frequently and at All Levels

June 21, 2015

Communicating research, for example during a Ph.D. project, is tremendously important and rewarding and should have high priority. At the same time, communication takes time and without realizing the both short and long term benefits, it’s easy to not give it the attention and emphasis it rightly deserves.

In this post, I first share a number of reasons why research communication is beneficial – and then outline pratical ways to share and communicate one’s research. Continue reading…